I didn’t raise a rock thrower. .

No really.  That is the theme of the day at our house.  One of the kids was playing and threw a rock at one of the other adults.  Rizzi LOST HER MIND, rightfully so I might add.  Funny thing is. . you know you remember those nasty little kids that used to throw rocks at your head.  We’ve all known one.  Mine was a little girl that had satan written all over her skinny ass.  I can remember day dreaming of taking her down like a gazelle on the Serengeti!!  I would imagine that Bruce Lee taught me secret moves and Pro Wrestlers were my best friends.  I’d sneak up, unsuspected like, and tackle/kung foo her to a high amount of pain.  Of course this never happened, as I was the skinniest kid in my neighborhood, but fortunately for me I have always had a mouth that could get me in and out of so many situations.

I promised myself when I was young that I wouldn’t allow my kids to throw rocks.  And guess what, we have the best kids in the world.  Though one of them threw a rock today I know, deep in my core, that I’m not raising rock throwers.  Each one of them is highly intelligent, have manners as if raised in the White House. . . err wait not sure that’s a good thing…. as if raised in your grandmother’s house, and have a true compassion for people.  I guess I look back at the skinny ass rock thrower in my childhood and feel bad for her.  Where were her parents when she was throwing rocks?  Where was their compassion and opportunity to help her understand?  Poor girl. . she just needed a parent to lose their mind on her so she’d know that they cared enough to teach her the proper manners.



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2 responses to “I didn’t raise a rock thrower. .

  1. danny sutton

    Hi, I just sceeming through and read this today and I agree. I know cause I once threw a rock in my childhood, but I did it for a reason. I never talked to nobody and I wanted the first person I talked too to be a girl but I didn’t no what to say. So as we were sitting there was a boy came well I got intimidated and picked up the closest thing to me which was a rock. Well I threw it and hit my target. I felt bad and in all honesty I did it to see if life was worth living. She yelled at me and comforted him and since that day I lived life as primarily a advocate for peace.

  2. Marcy

    First off, thanks for stopping by! Secondly, I’m glad you learned, while young, that life is worth all the ups and downs, but mostly, that humanity really is worth it! Have an amazing day!

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