A house plagued with sickness. .

that pretty sums up May so far!  All of us, with the exception of healthy as a horse Rizzi, have been on meds.  It’s funny, when I had cancer I can remember I just wanted to feel normal again, which was granted to me, but 8 years later I find myself wishing for the same health I had last year.  Though my sickness isn’t as serious as cancer, it non the less has knocked me on my ass.  It’s so strange, as those that know me would think this strange, but I have no energy to do ANYTHING!!  I just wish to stay at home and do nothing but sit and let my body heal, but I have to many jobs and duties to do that.  I have taken so much time off work these last three weeks that I won’t be able to go to CA with Rizzi and the kids. . REALLY???  I guess it’s just lifes way of letting me know to stop taking for granted all the good things in life . . it’s true, I have to be knocked down to remember how hard it is to pick yourself up but enjoy every minute of standing up.

Poor kids, Wyatt with an ear infection and Chey with a infected finger nail (WHAT???)  We are all just sitting, medication taken, watching cartoons.  I guess we all needed life to slow down so we can have a “date day” on the couch eating potato chips and lounging in pajama’s all day.  Why can’t I be a millionaire so I don’t have to worry about what work I’m missing and drag my ass to SLC tonight to train dogs?   Though truth be told dogs are my form of therapy 😉


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