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Why, Why, Why

do I wait a whole damn eternity to write in this damn thing.  I could ramble on for thousands of words to catch you all up, but I’ll start with I’m cancer free.  Had a scare last month and two surgeries later I’ve been given the word that I can move forth in life (like cancer would keep me down anyways!)  I’m always surprised that it takes those extremes in life for you to realize how petty you may be in your day to day living.  I’ve pretty much gotten used to the idea that I will die of cancer, as it likes to creep up on me when I least suspect it, and I’m good with that. . . as long as I’m 105 🙂

Not much changes in work, except to say I work with some pansy ass mother fuckers. . but I’m sure you get that anywhere you work.  Why are people so emotionally immature?  I’m always surprised that I work with people that can face rapists and murders but God forbid you critique or counsel them on their downfalls. . sheesh. . grow a set people.  I wasn’t even born with balls but am capable of taking a tongue lashing if I deserve it. . . hey that’s kinda funny coming from a lesbian :0. . anyways. . but hey it pays the bills so I get over that drama quite quickly!

Had a party the other night with the neighborhood gang.  I have the best neighbors EVER!  They are crazy and every single one of is so different that it actually works

Rizzi and the kids are in Cali without me.  With all the surgeries I had I didn’t have the time to take off work.  My house is so damn lonely and quite without them.  They come back soon though and I just keep counting down the days.

Well that is as random as I want to be at 2300 at night so I will sign off with. .



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