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Talking is a gift

or at least that’s what I learned at training today.  I’d have to say that I’ve been given/learned the talent of talking. . the gift of gab as my mom used to say.  While I watched the events unfold during our scenario I couldn’t help but want to be the primary negotiator but stopped myself and asked, “your no better than the next person” so stop thinking of everything you’d say and just listen.  So there is the secret. . listening, it’s a lost art.  I have to, on a continual basis, remind myself how important listening is.  The gift of gab is wasted if you don’t listen right?  Of course as a team we always succeed and I learned a TON by shutting off my “what would you do” part of my mind and just sitting back and listening.

While I’m on the subject of listening I had the great fortunate to listen to a story of a friend who recently got to hold her baby again after years of not seeing her.  I cried. . no really I did you can ask.  We met through this little girl I’d never met and to know that she got to hold her again has done wonders for my positive outlook on life!  Dreams, when held onto tight and nourished by thousands of strangers, really do come true!

Sleep well this evening and remember that each day is yours to listen too, just make sure to not talk over your destiny!



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