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Thoughts in training

When did we begin feeding our minds that violence is the solution?

What are we truly protecting with that violence?

How do we blindly believe that we are “protecting” something?

How do we change this mindset?

I feel like I’m being spoon fed lies and yet fear tethers my mind from taking actions that could free me from a societal prison.  My obligation to my family to provide a “normal” life is so overbearing and concretely indoctrinated that I continue to eat the food that restricts my thinking.  Being confined within my own mind is taxing and boring.

When given the opportunity to question the status quo it is met with blank looks and disapproving smiles.  Where does this come from?  Schools, Churches, societal norms based on fear?  The arrogance of the ignorant is mind numbing, let alone pathetic.  I have found that those that don’t investigate their feelings or truly research where their beliefs come from to be the worst offenders.

If ignorance is bliss than education is Nirvana.  But educating yourself holds with it the sense of duty to protect the oppressed and educate the oppressor.

A variance of thinking is the solution to finding common ground.  To think of others as much as yourself is the beginning of peace amongst ourselves.  How does one go about this task when it is met with shaking of heads in disgust, sneers of judgement and laughs of arrogance?  Persistance  and time I suppose.

To continue with an open mind and knowing that your efforts may be in vain. . for the moment you give up in pushing for the truth is the moment that your life becomes a lie.


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