Falling in love is euphoria, so what does falling out of love feel like?  Lonely? Guarded? Angry?  How about falling off a cliff, clinging to the very edge, grasping for a hand that is no longer there?  Is it waking up and not feeling the same excitement of having another day together?  Maybe it’s the lack of passion when you have time together.  Perhaps its every time your frustrated with each other you mentally start packing boxes of your memories, label them with the year, not knowing if it is the last one you’ll enjoy together.  Maybe its when the sorries are handed out they no longer stop the bleeding.  It’s when you stop trying.  It’s when you stop communicating and no longer have respect enough to not trample on each other’s emotions because it no longer hurts you.

Falling is just a state of mind and when you realize that falling down, no matter how, that’s the point of impact.  That is the moment of truth.  Either way you’ll probably need some sort of help to gather all the pieces and move forward.



Filed under Frustration, My past, My thoughts

2 responses to “Falling

  1. Nice looking blog…good job.

  2. Marcy

    Thank you!

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