Orange evaporating into Yellow

The deep orange quickly evaporates to yellow.  The snapping of sap.  The heat waves rising to the sky.  The way she moves as she shuffles the wood into piles for the fire in the backyard.  The sky, as blue as the ocean with not a single cloud in sight.  The tweet of birds perched on the telephone wires … summer is on its way and with her brings the future memories of family and friends.

Sun kissed faces and sun burnt shoulders will be a guest in this house.  In preparation for her visit I have stocked the sun tan lotion, water balloons and popsicles.  The kids wait with jubilation (and frustration at times) for her return.

Scraped knees and broken bones from past summers are forgotten during the long drab winters.  Thoughts of BBQ’s, beer and baseball overtake the dreariness of snow shovels, salt and slide offs.

What the outdoors has to offer becomes the highly rated sitcoms during the evenings.  Watching ladybugs dance on flowers and the honeybees pollinate are the back up singers to this concert.

Red, white and blue are the colors of choice for her visit, as she likes to be noticed.  She encourages running through sprinklers and long walks into well lit evenings.  She beckons everyone with her warmth; come outside, enjoy life, friends and family a little more than her relatives.

None of us like to think of her departure so we slap on some more sunscreen, crack open another beer and settle into our lawn chairs, laughing, talking and loving each other a little longer … surrounded by orange that evaporates into yellow.


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