I worked with an officer we’ll call Nephi (at his request).  Recently we got into a debate concerning the Mormon church and “gays.”  If you’d like to see the whole exchange it can be found at:

During the exchange Nephi says that he is not judgemental, as demonstrated by this quote: “I’m not passing Judgement on anybody. I leave that in the hands of my Creator. And yes Judgement will surely come.”

Of course he resorts to personal attacks:  “live and let live is a great principle that should be applied to all aspects of our lives I think. In closing Marcy it’s been fun, but i do have 2 last questions. If you blog about me could my name be disguised as Nephi and #2 could you please stop bad mouthing former co-workers behind their backs?

Best of luck to you with your future endeavors :)”

My response:

“Ah, I can see we have run out of arguments and have turned to personal attacks.  Considering you have no idea about the circumstances at work I’ll just chalk that up to ignorance as well (as you definitely showed in in your last paragraph.)  Again, you just made judgement on a situation you know nothing about.  But, I will make sure to include your name as Nephi, at your request, and will let you know that I have done nothing behind those indivuduals backs, as I have had those discussions with those people involved (it’s all recorded if you’d like to take the time to educate yourself.)”

So, in the same breath you’re not judgemental, yet you just judged a whole situation you know nothing about?  Hypocritical much??

Now, the back story of Nephi.  While I was doing a shakedown a few years ago, Nephi was assisting me.  An inmate, who happened to be a sex offender, was present.  Nephi, in his great non-judgemental wisdom, picked up a Book of Mormon, threw it towards the inmate and stated that had the inmate spent more time reading it he wouldn’t be in jail.

Hmmmm … but keep pushing your agenda of non-judgement.  Of course disciplinary action was taken and Nephi apologized, and with all honesty, I think he regretted the whole incident.  This latest debate just proves to me that he hasn’t fully seen his judgmental attitude and is blind to his hypocrisy.

I did receive this email from Nephi on Facebook:

Hi Marcy

So my last response on the standard article I went alittle over board with sarcasm and being facetious. I apologize :) We can agree to disagree and still be Friends I hope. I have no ill will towards you. I like you and Rizzi (except for the whole New York Yankee thing…lol.)I wish the best for the both of you!Take Care “
I responded before I had read his comment in the Standard with,
“Please know that I love a good ol’ fashion debate like the rest of them and I do not take it personal. Respect, communication and a willingness to try is the foundations of good realtionships, and I believe we have done both. No reason to apologize for what you believe or say (I’d die defending it, that is what is great about this Country) so please no there is no ill will, I’d still give ya a big ol’ hug if I saw ya :)
Now the Yankees on the otherhand, them are fightin’ words!!! ;)

Warm Regards,

After reading the comment I sent:
“Just got done reading your comment … you failed to mention that you chose to attack me personally. I’d expect nothing less.”
I’m perplexed why he didn’t make his apology on Standard, guess he wouldn’t get as many high fives from his buddies at work if they knew he had regret over his personal attacks.  Again, two-faced and hypocritical.
I suppose I should be thanking Nephi, as he just proved, once again, why I had to leave the Sheriff’s office.  It’s this continual nice to your face but secretly hoping you are “judged” and will pay for sins … but hey we still like you … ??
If Nephi understood the whole story of why I left the Sheriff’s office then I would have been a piss poor supervisor for the simple fact that he is not an administrator.  As a supervisor you can not share with “subordinates” all the issues, and in doing my job people like Nephi have no idea of the complete circumstances.  Instead of trying to understand or getting the whole story Nephi just pops off like I’m talking behind co-workers backs.  Funny thing, all those I have written about I have talked too about my angst to no avail … but I’d expect nothing less of Nephi, as he just demonstrated that he’d rather listen to rumor than know the truth of the situation.
The reason for my blog is to speak about my truths while working at the Sheriff’s office.  Apparently Nephi feels I’m bad mouthing people, when in all actuality I am speaking the truth … Truth now equals bad mouthing.  If that’s the case I will never stop “bad mouthing” the Sheriff’s office.  Now behind their backs, please enlighten me Nephi, how is  PUBLICLY
posting on my blog behind their backs?
So in closing, thank you!  Thank you for demonstrating all that I had been trying to point out in my comments on the Standard, you just made it easy and remember … anytime you lower your standards to personal attacks the other person wins by default.

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  1. Tayla E.

    I absolutely love that those who are honest, don’t let people walk all over them or allow others to determine who will be the ring lead of the “pack” are known as the “gossipers”. It truly makes me laugh. People always point the finger away from theirselves….maybe its just the gravitational pull?? I think not. In fact I think that being part of the in crowd is more important in our society than being yourself and standing up for what you believe reguardless of what your fellow church members, co-workers, friends and family sayor believe themselves. Amazing isn’t it? I’m going to personally attack you with sarcasim that is so unnecesarry it makes me look like a jack ass, however in reality I feel guilty for my response (which shows by even sending an apology in the first place) but I’m so worried of other people seeing that I may not be that ignorant person I’ve just made myself out to be. That being the reason I’ll send you a personal message instead of one that the public can see. I understand that feeling. Experienced it in my school years, yet I realized that I am my own person with my own believes and have NO problem expressing that to anyone anywhere. That is right I am a grown up having left my jr high insecurities behind me. I love to debate and use my critical thinking skills I know I have developed. Having different opinions and beliefs with the right to express those is what is supposed to make this country so great. What happened to agree to disagree and being able to live YOUR life the way you want with out the stress and worry of what other people will think? I feel sad for those people. I like you however the high amount of peer pressure in my life says I can’t. Well that sucks for you good buddy. You are missing out on a whole new world you’ve never seen nor never will with those rose colored glasses you got on, which are out of style I may add. Good for you Marcy. You are a person without regret who has the ability to love and accept all walks of life no matter their view. Talking behind someones back is nothing but a chicken shit act. So is the big talk and by that I mean making it a point to show everyone else how you feel about a person without actually confronting the person about it…especially when they approch you in the first place. As for Nephi, I hope one day you realize what it is you believe about people who are just like you and stick by it instead of use hypocracy as your crutch to play both sides. I also hope that you have no regret or remorse for things you have said or done. I for one know what its like to look back and say “gee I really wish I would have educated myself on situations I know nothing about yet decided to somehow get involved anyways. That person has a reason for her actions and they were probably valid. If only I really knew. Maybe I could have had a friend or actually learned quite an amazing outlook on life whether I agreed with it or not.” Again I commend you Marcy for having made hard and stressful choices. I know you are one person who will have no regret and will live to the fullest without unnecesarry restraints that others let hold them back. I know personally you have inspired to continue with my lifes motto even when the shit hits the fan. Live for today with out the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow! 🙂

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