Thank you …


We give away all the time.

Thank you, when someone holds the door.

Thank you, when someone hands you something

Thanks, when someone notices your new hair/clothes/attitude

But generally we don’t really thank people for what they mean to us.  I know I’m guilty, as getting down to raw feelings can be uncomfortable for others, let alone you.  But I’m done with that.  I’m making a commitment today to tell someone each day, how thankful I am for having them in my life.  I’ve found that life can be taken away without notice and I’d hate to think that I wasted time … wasted times to let someone know what they meant to me.

So if you get a random note, email, phone call, blog post or visit with me telling you how much I love you, appreciate you, notice your courage or any other random thankfulness, please know it’s genuine and for no other reason than just being thankful for you.



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