Venti Carmawho?

Yep, it’s a different language and I’m learning it.  . . Slowly.  It’s so strange to go from the boss to being the bossed, though in all fairness my boss is amazingly patient.

There are times that I’m lost in the chaos and don’t have much time to think, while other times, like washing dishes, that I feel as though I just majorly downgraded.  I KNOW that part of that feeling comes from not being in school yet (starts Aug. 22) and it will fade with time, but it’s there nonetheless.

Of course I mean no disrespect for those that choose this line of work for a living, hell I have a whole new appreciation.  I was not aware the time and effort involved in making drinks!  Most the customers you know by name and start their drinks as the hit the door at 0530.  And then there are the infrequent customers who are happy to treat themselves to some coffee heaven.

Then there are the customers from my past.  Not sure why I want to hide when they show up … perhaps it’s because I know how the Law Enforcement circles talk and rumor.  A guy I used to work with asked me what happened.  I find it funny that saying; “I wanted to go to school and accomplish my dreams” is met with a “sure” type stare.  No really I just wanted to go to school.  I even go as far to explain that I did not leave because of a major issue nor was I asked to leave I simply want to GO TO SCHOOL.  Maybe it’s because I took a 20.00-dollar pay cut, left a pension as well as insurance that others have a hard time believing that I would just give that up for going back to school.  Or perhaps they are brainwashed into believing it’s the “only” job they can do and once you leave it your lost and not worthy … either way, it’s been a crazy journey for me but one worth the turmoil.

I have dreams that are far away and will take considerable amounts of time, but I know this is what I’m supposed to do with my life.  (Please, if in the future I complain about school and how bad it sucks refer me to my own post!)

So if working 20 hours a week at a pretty damn cool coffee shop gets me there, I suppose I just have to face my past, head held high, and say to myself, “fuck what they think!”





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  1. Mark Lowther

    Well those of us who know you know better. Good luck and good for you and all the whishes for success

    Mark Lowther

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