Alicia Rizzi

Starting today I made a commitment to do a blog post about each person on my friends list on Facebook.  Perhaps it will show me who I truly appreciate and ensure that I am surrounding myself with people I care for, or it will show me I need to clean out my list 🙂

So I pull up my list and the first on that list … my sexy girlfriend.  It’s hard to describe what I have with her except to say I truly have my bestfriend as a lover.  She is kind, patient, endearing, supportive and loving.  I can tell her everything … no really EVERYTHING and she loves me all the same.  She listens to my crazy ideas and tells me that they are not impossible.  She is my version of a “wubbie”, as she is my balance and she is safe to me.  She fills me up when I’m empty and allows me to empty out all my craziness so that I don’t burst.  She believes in me … she finds me amazing and quite frankly, she’s perfect for me.  After close to 7 years I still find myself giddy to come home to her …

I love her more than I though possible and each day I find myself falling in love with her all over again ….



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2 responses to “Alicia Rizzi

  1. Andi

    I love this 

  2. Marcy

    Thanks Andi … so do I 😉

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