Krystal Diehl

Krystal Deal … what can I say except that we met under unusual circumstances and you happen to be one of my unusual       friends!

On Halloween 2009 I was sitting on my front porch when a skinny little boy ran up the stairs for some candy.  Wyatt, in his high squeaky voice yells, “Quinten!”  He goes on to explain that this boy is in his school.  I heard you say something and I just remember asking Rizzi, “is that a girl?”  I was so excited that a lesbian mom might actually be in our neighborhood.  Of course the kids wanted to trick or treat together and Rizzi happened to be sick that Halloween so I was chosen to go around the neighborhoods with you and the kids.

As we left my yard, I was struck by how young you looked.  I was then amazed at how damn funny you are.  You’re afraid of the dark?  Who the hell is afraid of the dark … seriously!  You had me laughing the whole time, but I almost peed my pants when you were convinced I threw a bug down your shirt (it was a leaf but you still won’t believe me.)

From that night forward we have been good friends.  Even when you moved (which I’m still not happy about) we stayed in contact and I thought of you all the time.

You’re an amazing woman who doesn’t give herself enough credit and still allows others to take advantage of you, but I know in the long run you will have the life you dream of.  Invest more in yourself and you will come to understand everything I’ve ever told you!

Love you huge!

PS – Carrots aren’t just for rabbits!


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