Terance Lavely

Terance Lavely

It’s hard to describe you … you mean so much to me!  You really are the brother I never had!  Your personality is similar to Rizzi so you feel comfortable.

You are one of the most honest people I know.  Even if what you going to tell me isn’t what I want to hear you can’t lie to make things better.  You’re always here for me and not a week goes by without you in our lives.

From meager beginnings in the control of Golf Pod (Lively) to having you so entrenched in my life … how did we get here??

I’ll never forget the time in the ODR, when you life was chaotic, and I felt privileged that you trusted Rizzi and I enough to feel safe at our home.  You knew, no matter the rumor bullshit and chaos it could create, that you were safe with us.  No judgment, no rumors … just support.  From that day forward you became my brother.

Fast forward a few years, you come to our house, after devastating news, and again, I felt privileged that our home was a safe place for you.

There are four people in this world that know everything about me.  You’re one of them.  And even knowing all that I am , you still love me and call me sis.

Anytime I think of you Lavely I laugh.  I laugh because we have so many good memories.  Times on the porch solving all the worlds’ problems, or just sitting in silence because our friendship doesn’t require much effort.  You truly are one of the  most comfortable friends I have ever known and one of my biggest supports … thank you!!

I also know that you will be in my life forever, no matter what direction it will go.

And perhaps the quality that means so much too me is that you’re safe.  I have had my issues in the past with trusting others, but I trust you with my life Lavely.

I, again, am privileged to call you friend/brother.  I love you Lavely!!



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