Rhett Howell

I liked you before I met you!  I love the name Rhett!

I remember you cruising through booking, when you were a CA, and me stopping you and asking if you were Rhett.  You had a perplexed look on your face and stated slowly … “yes.”  In typical Marcy fashion I responded, with elation, “I fucking love the name Rhett.”  That pretty much started our friendship.

Rhett you are one of my most sincere friends.  You are compassionate, genuine, brilliant, witty, geeky, unique and wise beyond your years.  You possess depth that I find refreshing and I love that I have someone to geek out with!

You’re a hard worker who never complains and gets your job done with little to no supervision.  You drink beer in true Irish fashion and the cherry to this sundae … you’re my best ginger friend!

I enjoy our times hanging out together and I miss you when your not around.  I think of you daily, even if I don’t pick up the phone and call all the time.  I will always have a place in my life for you and I love ya tons!  Thank you for being a part of my life.


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