Kelli Worthen Murray

Perhaps I’ve already told you, but it bears repeating … your’e one of the  most endearing persons I know.  You truly care about people and go out of your way to help others when there is a need.

When I first met you I just assumed that you wanted to be a part of the “action”, involving yourself in everything to be nosy.  I know, I can be a bitch sometimes right?!  But after knowing you for many years I now understand that you’re a natural born helper.  You live to make sure others are ok and that is admirable.

I will never forget the time you came to visit me in the hospital after my surgery for cancer.   You were the ONLY one from the County to come see me (other than Heather Davies who visited me at home).  From that day forward I saw you in a different light.  I truly saw that you were a rare find in a persons life and to this day I value our friendship.

Like so many other of my friends I wish we saw each other more and I miss seeing your smiling face everyday.  You are one of the people from work that I truly miss and I hope you know that I think you of often!

Love ya Kelli and thank you for being there for me!!


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