Mike Coyle

Ah … one of the original space killers!  How I miss your clever comebacks and your deep heartfelt laugh!  You were always a ray of sunshine at work and 8 hours felt like two when you were on shift.

I’ll never, ever, NEVER will forget the time those naughty inmates didn’t heed my warning about count.  I mean seriously, it was only 15 minutes out of the day that we asked them (politely I might add) to act like inmates.  They had free reign of that jail and count only happened a few times a day … did it really kill them to sit on a bunk for 15 minutes??

Anyways, one night, after many warnings, I was explaining to an inmate (over the speaker) that he was to remain on his bunk.  Apparently he didn’t agree with me because his clever come back was, “fuck you bitch!”  Now, as a Sergeant, I tried to explain to you and Ward (those of you that don’t know Ward … well he’s a space killer as well) that when a person resorts to “fuck you” that you won the argument.  End of story … well I don’t think you and Ward quite grasped that theory because the next thing I knew you both were exited Pod control and were running towards this brilliant mans cell.

Watching the two biggest guys in Weber County take those stairs … it’s unexplainable.  I know I had fear that those stairs were going to give as I watched the concrete buckle and dust began to fall to the floor.  In my mind those stairs were the victim of an assault.  I couldn’t help but laugh watching this scene unfold.  The institutional blue paint of the stairs became cracked from the stress of handling this side of beef running, in unison no less, is the picture still etched in my mind.

Once you got to the cell I think you and Ward had to take turns berating this man due to you both being winded.  I listened on the speaker as you explained the concept of respect to a man who didn’t respect himself enough to follow rules.  Nonetheless I was proud that you both held your tempers and rationalized with the irrational.

When you left Weber County I felt that you took a part of me with you.  I missed/miss those days and I think of them fondly, as they truly are my best memories of Weber County.  I’m glad that we have kept in contact and that we can still share these kick ass memories (literally).

I love ya Mike Coyle and can’t thank you enough for being in my life.


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