Julie Jorgensen

Yep, I’ll admit it; I was scared shitless of you when we first met!  You seemed ultra serious and kind of annoyed by me … imagine that!

I think the first time you spoke to me was to correct my English (I said “funner” and yes I know it’s not a word, but why the hell not??)  At this point I made it my mission to get you too like me … I think it worked J

After a few months of being on the Law Enforcement Liaison Committee I found you to be highly intelligent, very well organize, but above all else, an absolute joy to be around!  It didn’t take long for me too look forward to being around you and secretly I would be excited to know I made you laugh at my crazy antics.

My first memory of actually getting too know you was my first year at the Pride Festival while serving on the committee.  Kyle, you and I were the first to show up and I found it endearing how damn tired you were.  Your quite demeanor only meant one thing … for me to be even crazy so you’d have a reason to smile that damn early!  It was a fun day and I’ll always remember it as the day that I got to know you.

You’re easy too talk to and I enjoyed our times after the meetings of just hanging out and talking about anything.  You are always kind to me and offered help in whatever I may need (though I never took you up on the shooting lessons).

You’re a sincere, yet a leery person.  You’re cautious, for good reason I’m sure, yet once you’ve accepted that person into your circle you’d do anything for them.

My only regret, like others, is that we have never spent time “off duty” together and that I rarely see you now.  I miss your stoic face 😉

Thanks Julie for being in my life, I value our friendship more than you’ll know!!



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