School news …

Excited doesn’t even cover it!

I found out today, from my academic advisor from the U of U that ALL of my generals are finished to their standards (WSU told me I had 5 more classes) and now I can begin work on my new major (I say new because I recently switched to English from Criminal Justice).

The exciting part, I will start course work at the U of U Spring semester and am only one and a half years from getting my Batchelor’s in English … then, I’ll fast track to my PhD!!

With all sincerity I almost cried during that phone call.  It’s all within reach and the ball is rolling … full steam ahead because NOTHING can get in my way now.  No work schedule conflicts, no financial burdens (well, there will be those but doable), and most importantly … I will no longer stand in the way of what I know I want in my life.  Fear no longer tethers me … absolute freedom, that is what I feel and it’s fanfuckingtastic!!!

Oh, and don’t let me forget, I got my favorite treat in the mail today as well!!  PERFECT!


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