Brian Baggs

Ah, my own personal Frodo!!

We worked together but truly our draw to each other; …. The best baseball team EVER … the New York Yankees (truly I didn’t have to write out their name as everyone with half a brain knows this team is the best!)

It was during the World Series a couple of years ago when you and I would spend most the games chatting with each other over Facebook and then you began sharing with me some of the crazy things going on in your personal life (good to know it’s the past right??)  You’ve since moved on and have an incredibly wonderful life, but I miss our time on Facebook just catching up.

Your intelligent, witty, crazy (in a good way of course), and just plain fucking strange.  Those are the reasons I love you so much!

You love animals and who can hate a person like that?  I miss running into you at work, your shit talking and your even temper.  You truly are a great friend to have and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish we spent more time together!

Thanks for being a great friend to me and always lending support …



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