Paul Garcia

It took years for us to finally work together, but it was Kiesel in this last year.  Too be honest, I had no idea you had a sense of humor, boy was I wrong.

Your amount of respect is unmatchable and your work ethic is second to none.  You always complete a task without complaint and when I was a Sergeant I wanted a whole shift of Paul Garcia’s.  You are relaxed but ready for anything.  Your stoic with just a hint of personality when it came to working with inmates.  I always looked forward to the Wednesdays that we worked together, you had a way of making them interesting, fun and quick.

Now your politics .. they are completely wrong but I can forgive that ;).  No really, we don’t agree on most political topics, but again, you are always respectful in your opinions and know how to debate without allowing personal feelings to interfere (not found often enough I might add.)

Paul, I miss working with you … hell I just miss you.  I think of you often and please know that I was always thankful to talk and work with you!


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