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To Wyatt and Cheyenne

I want to feed you the whole world

Not missing out on one little bite.

You can’t walk, in your blanket curled

So instead we’ll take a trip by flight.

Riding through the universe on a friend

I’ll feed all this to you by hand with love.

And should you find that you need a mend

I’ll always be by your side, silent as a dove.

When you shed your innocent wings

And your feet stand on solid ground

I’ll still be around to hear your things

For I will not be far, I’ll always be found.

And then you can feed me your world

While I’m in my old blanket feeble and curled.


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Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

Line up pills to help my head,

Missing a dose, taking the wrong med

Is guaranteed chaos.

Smile and pretend its fine.

Keep towing the line.

Part game, part reality

No really, it’s not senility.

I just can’t take the pain

The shame, the blame,

This is guaranteed chaos.

Drowning while my world

Is burning down,

Yet I won’t let you win!

Shadows are difficult to catch

To glimpse, to kill.

William, just take a pill.

This is controlled chaos.

Remember to forget:




Do not surrender! Do not relent!

Do not resent! Live in the present.

This is controllable chaos.

You are not alone

I too chase shadows,

Run them up meadows,

Making them surrender, relent,

And resent entering my mind.

This is now their chaos!

Together we are shadow chasers

Making them hide, cower and burn.

One day they will learn!

Together we are strong!

Together we are dedicated!

Together we are true!

Together we are beautiful chaos!

Together we are perfectly flawed…

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To Jenny

She’s an oak, that’s time tested

She has stood with me in every storm.

Just when the wave has crested,

She is my life raft, safely returning me to my dorm

There isn’t a day that goes by

That I don’t think of her generosity.

If I didn’t have her I’d surely die.

She is cat like in her curiosity

She takes nothing for granted

And lives each day to the fullest

Nothing is black or white her world is slanted.

She even tolerates fools, even the dullest

Mind she is grateful.  She sees worth

In every human spirit.

In her I find re-birth.


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It’s been awhile since I posted, but school is keeping me busy with copious amounts of writing, making difficult to find time to keep this blog updated.  Wrote a poem recently (ok I’ve written at least 10) but this one stuck with me.

But where does that leave you?

No door to signify your exsistence.

Freud sucking a cock               or

was it he spilled her crimson blood   (?)

Murdered when you were                  born

Let’s not talk about it.

Not about the time when                   reality

was flipped over and fucked.

Not about the time when                 unreality

took control.

Loose waves of unmet dreams       reality(?)

Pour through you like hot wax.

Left for dreams, slumber, pitch    (born)

In the belly of a whale

That is where you find yourself    (unlabeled) unreality (?)


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