Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos

Line up pills to help my head,

Missing a dose, taking the wrong med

Is guaranteed chaos.

Smile and pretend its fine.

Keep towing the line.

Part game, part reality

No really, it’s not senility.

I just can’t take the pain

The shame, the blame,

This is guaranteed chaos.

Drowning while my world

Is burning down,

Yet I won’t let you win!

Shadows are difficult to catch

To glimpse, to kill.

William, just take a pill.

This is controlled chaos.

Remember to forget:




Do not surrender! Do not relent!

Do not resent! Live in the present.

This is controllable chaos.

You are not alone

I too chase shadows,

Run them up meadows,

Making them surrender, relent,

And resent entering my mind.

This is now their chaos!

Together we are shadow chasers

Making them hide, cower and burn.

One day they will learn!

Together we are strong!

Together we are dedicated!

Together we are true!

Together we are beautiful chaos!

Together we are perfectly flawed…


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