Letter to my 11 year old daughter …


Today you turn 11 years old.  Too often I’ve sat and thought about the most poignant of words to share with you, to have you understand the depth of my love for you.  It is in those moments that I come to understand the phrase, “there are no words.”

Looking at you grow into a young women has me speechless far too often.  When I see your smile, wrapped in the braces that will take away the final remnants of awkward youth, it warms my entire body.  When I hear you speak of mature subjects I’m quickly reminded that flaws in your speech are forever gone.  And though it sounds as if I’m mourning the loss of your childhood, the truth is, I’m vibrating with anticipation of what you will accomplish in your teenage years.

Please know that I do not hold any expectations of who or what you will become.  I want you to be happy, for you, and enjoy your life to the fullest.  I find it exciting that you get to define yourself.  You get to explore what makes you tick.  Truly, my only request is that you stay true to yourself.  Do not let your life be dictated by anyone but yourself.

Of course I’m not foolish enough to believe that you and I won’t have our trying moments, but as promised, those moments will be met with chocolate chip cookies and rootbeer floats.  Remember Cheyenne, I have an unconditional love for you.  No matter the circumstance you may find yourself in, I will ALWAYS be by your side, loving you!



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3 responses to “Letter to my 11 year old daughter …

  1. Just what genuinely motivated you to create “Letter to my
    11 year old daughter | Luckygirl75’s Weblog”? Iabsolutely enjoyed reading it! Thank you -Carol

  2. Marcy

    Well thank you Carol, sometimes it is nice to know that there are people out there reading my half attempt at keeping a blog. My motivation was simple, it was her birthday and I really want my kids to know what they mean to me, and that my love is pure! Too often we keep our feelings to ourselves. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and I promised that I wouldn’t ever let opportunities of love and thanks to pass me by. So far I’ve been able to keep that promise 🙂

    Warm Regards to you friend!

  3. I really Feel blog, “Letter to my 11 year old daughter
    | Luckygirl75’s Weblog” mczambia was indeed correctly written! Icannot agree together with u more! At last looks like I reallydiscovered a blog website worthy of browsing. Regards, Nancy

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