01 January 2013

The first day of the year and society tells me that I should be thinking of my future … making goals, resolutions and be hopeful.

Hope is overrated.  Hope is a way to run away and I’m done running away from the hard things in life.  I’m ready to take off the blinders and fight back, no matter the consequences.  Perhaps that’s my resolution … I’m done being overly accommodating to ignorance and discrimination.  I’m ready for cuffs and jail cells for my rebellion.   I’m ready for hateful words.  I’m ready to lose friends.  I’m ready to swing back instead of listening to bullshit disguised as “compromise.”  It is easy to call it compromise when you lose nothing.

2013 will find me on the frontlines with anger as my companion.  This year will find me creating change with writing, reading, protesting and fulfilling my life long dream of being an activist.  Finally … a career I’ve been dreaming of.



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3 responses to “01 January 2013

  1. Kathlean Wolf

    Rock on, Marcy. Join the revolution. It was amazing to be here during the Capitol protests, holding a sign, chanting and yelling and sharing stories, writing letters, knocking on doors and voting. Some things we most wanted to change have not changed, but the energy is still simmering beneath the surface. It’s amazing stuff. And so are you. Can’t wait to hear what you set your teeth into. Tear it up, Amazon Womon!

  2. Marcy

    I love you Kathlean!!! I mean that, I truly love you and who you are!

  3. Kathlean Wolf

    Thanks, Marcy. That feels good to hear. Same to you–I get a lot of joy from interacting, reading what you write, reading your comments. You’re so strong and brilliant, I count myself lucky to know you.

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