Thoughts on the countryside of London …

The train ride to Stratford-Upon-Avon was fucking incredible!  The countryside here is so green and beautiful.  I saw plenty of horses and lambs grazing the lush green grass as we whizzed by on our journey.

The trainstops, once out of London (only about 20 minutes by train) had rabbits hopping around the stations. As the trains would approach they would scamper to their makeshift homes and peak their little heads out, waiting to gather in the common areas once the trains had chugged by.

Little towns would peak out between the vegetation growing by the tracks and couldn’t help but wonder what the country could have offered me during this trip. My starved imagination felt as if were sitting to a feast as we passed thatched roofs and small country homes.  I saw, in my minds eye, a happy family gathering after a hard days work or long days in small school buildings, around a dinner table.  Each family member would take turns telling about their best and worst parts of the day.  They would laugh and talk about everything and nothing.  Perhaps the children, now changed out of their starched school uniforms, could comfortably be free from the cumbersome restrictions of education.  Or perhaps the parents, now relaxed and their minds free to explore their own thoughts, could warmly listen to their children and quietly hold hands under the table.

Then it dawned on me … this family doesn’t live in the countryside of a small England town, they live in America.  This is my family and I am 5000 miles away from.  I tuck myself into my bed and reach out to them but they feel so far away.  I have to again feed my imagination with the thoughts of what their days must have looked like and take comfort in the routines we have created, otherwise I’m sure I’d go mad.

I love and miss you every second I’m away from you!!



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