Natural History Museum of London

In London, sitting outside at a small cafe next to the Natural History Museum watching children run after pigeons and adults gripping cardboard coffee cups, discussing evolution and government.  Dark threatening clouds blot out the sun only to be replaced with clear skies, taking turns in altering human behavior.  Jackets on …. Jackets off.

Pigeons surround my feet, begging for a reprieve from kicking children.

Though the museum artifacts offered me no new surprises the building is an architectual wonder.  The craftsmanship is stunning and as I watched people I was even more surprised. Men and women stood with cameras distorting their face.  Picture, turn to the left, another picture.  Snap … Snap … Snap … move along.  Not one person took the time to touch the walls, feel the outline of the carved flowers.  Not one person stood sill, with cameras at their side and just stood in the grandeur of the building.  Not one parent ask their child(ren) to just enjoy a moment of stillness and quiet at the magnificence of where they stood.  Lofty expectations for adults who did not have time to slow down.

As my mood becomes somber so the clouds blot out the sun.


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