Day 1

Recently I accepted a “challenge” of doing ______ (whatever you choose) for 100 days.  I chose to write each day.  Though the site asks that you post a video of what you are doing, I really don’t have the time to make a vlog (of sorts.)  Instead I will keep track of my writings here.  Now this commitment to write is any writing … whatever I can accomplish that day I will post.  Some will be long, others will be short and some may be downright a cop out, like one sentence of thinking.  Hey … I’m a student who writes and reads all day long, and I’ve chose to NOT include those writings.  So with that I present Day One

The night is beginning to eat away at my consciousness and the buzz of my body is the only thing that keeps me sitting upright in the local restaurant.  The crowd is sparse but the kitchen is loud and alive.  The lesson, given only an hour ago, was a success, though I’m not quite sure which ruler it is measured on.  Personally, seeing the eyes light up of the young author and the flash of understanding flush her face is measurement enough.


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