Day 5

Do you have friends that hold you accountable?  Friends that will call you out when you start to slack or don’t perform at your best potential?  If so, hold onto them with all your might!  If not, create and cultivate friendships where a person can tell you when you are being a fool, lazy, wonderful, amazing and just be an overall barometer for your emotional/physical health.

I was lying in bed, after reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “Black Cat” (HAPPY BIRTHDAY POE!!) to the family, watching videos of paragon falcons with mounted videos on their heads as they hunt crows.  To be privy to their point of view is alarming and beautiful!  While losing myself in the flight of fancy I receive a text.  Here is what it said:  “I thought for a minute you became a JW then it was ‘oh she’s keeping the sabbath.”  Then I remembered your an atheist which means your 3 days behind on writing.  Not even a cop out line.  How many more before you need to start over?  You’re at 50% now???”

William Hobbs, thank you for keeping me at my word.  Thank you for calling me out AND refusing to take my “cop outs” as an excuse.  It seems that if I have time to watch crows be chased to their doom, I have time to sit down and, at a minimum, type a thank you.  Too often we placate others, for various reasons, one being fear of confrontation.  I, however, look for people who will call my bluff and have civil dialogue.  Every person should be so lucky to have one of these friends.  I have surrounded myself with them, as I feel that they are a reflection of myself that I am not privy too.

And though I never started this blog with the goal of having a large readership (which I still don’t have) knowing one person looks forward to what you have to say makes my goal of 100 writings more pleasant and gives me motivation.  THANKS HOBBS!!



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3 responses to “Day 5

  1. I’ve been reading you, Marcy. They’re finally set up to come straight to my inbox and I see that and go, “Oh, yay, a Marcy post!” I was intrigued with your post about the book you read, but I didn’t have a comment because it seemed clear that all of my questions would be better answered with the book in front of me. So: you have more than one follower who is intently waiting to see what you’ve written every day!

  2. Marcy

    Oh yay! Lurkers!! 🙂 I am a lurker for all sorts of sites. Thanks for commenting and reading!

  3. Heather Davies

    I was going to say something but thought perhaps you had written but not posted yet. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but from here on out…….. Love you Marcy Ann Taylor! How many f***ing times…..

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