Day 6

Those that know me understand that I am a true eclectic at heart.  Those that know me, also know there a few things that I go crazy over.  Like, immerse myself and become almost obsessive about.  This really is a rarity, as I tend not to be able to focus on one thing.  For those that don’t know my list of “obsessions” they would include:

Books!  This seems so obvious I hesitated writing it.  Every time I enter a book store it is a study in bipolarity.  In one sense it is the happiest place I could ever be, but it also depresses me to think that I won’t be able to read all books before I die.

Bertrand Russell!  I love him so much that if I even imagine that I’m meeting him I cry.

Dogs!  I want to kiss every dog I see. (Just ask any person that posts a picture of a dog on Facebook.)

Edgar Allan Poe!  Ever since a childhood friend (Kelli) read to me Tell Tale Heart, at the age of nine, I’ve been addicted.

Ravens!!!  No really, I love them so much!  When I went to London this past summer I spent HOURS watching them.  When I touched Merlina I cried.  And smiled.  And cried.

Theodor Adorno!  What a brilliant man.  I have read “Cultural Industry” too many times to count.  If you haven’t taken the time to read this essay, you are missing out!

Rachmaninoff!  Most of you know (or maybe you don’t) that I don’t subscribe to the label or concept of hope.  The closest I come to being “hopeful” is when I listen to Rachmaninoff.

And a new addition:  Timothy Morton.  This man is alive!  I could realistically meet him (yeah, theorists/philosophers are my “rockstars”.)  His take on the environment and nature have me thinking, with a more critical lens, what nature is and how we go about making a impact on our “environment.”




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