Day 7

I will be speaking at a rally next Tuesday at the capitol, so a lot of my time is spent writing and refining it, so this post will be short.

I will, however, share a funny public transportation story.  While getting on Trax I overheard a woman say to her companion (also a woman), “did you hear that?”  The companion answered no.  “It was a helicopter circling, which can only mean one thing … the police.”  The companion, without hesitation, agreed that it was a bad omen.  Meanwhile, I”m acting like I am reading my book because, well … I don’t want in on the craziness.  Of course they had a petition in their laps, which meant they would be hitting me up soon for a signature.  Within 30 seconds of being seated these women asked if I’d sign a petition.  When I asked what it was for they explained that it was for the Independent American Party.  When I asked what their platform was they had no answer … NONE!  They seemed stumped by the question.  One of the ladies pulled out a card with 10 platforms.  The first read, “That God will be brought back into everyones life.”  The second stated that socialism will be eradicated and the third stated they would bring back traditional marriage.  I didn’t bother reading the rest of them.  I explained I wasn’t interested nor did I subscribe to any of their platform statements.  Needless to say, they wanted to “convert” me.  The conversation was long, but when they finally figured out I was “one of those gay people” they were stunned.  They went as far to say that I “seemed so nice.”  My comeback.  Yeah, you both seemed so nice yourself, I mean you have a dog picture on your hat, who would have known you subscribe to Nazi notions of creating separate “containment” areas for gays.

It was a long day …


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  1. You mean you met these anti-socialists on TRAX? As in … Utah Transit Authority Trax?

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