I tend to be a balanced confident person with a wicked sense of humor. I am bursting at the seams with energy.  I have no impulse control, I say what is on my mind and will not hold back how I feel. I talk to strangers like their my best friends, and why not?? I’m off the hook, but responsible.

My KIDS are HUGE in my world!! They consume me. Kids can teach you honesty, compassion and how to have fun with no restraint.

I love my partner, Alicia more than I thought possible. She is my source of balance and is truly my best friend!!

I love dogs, they are my therapy. I have a pitbull (before you comment, educate yourself!!!)

I can’t accept or tolerate ignorance, hate or liars. Not to say that at some point in my life I haven’t lied, but trust me, I couldn’t accept or tolerate myself at that time in my life.

I believe in taking action to make change. I love people of action and surround myself with them. I think there are a ton of fake, back stabbing people in the world, but guess what, I love them for it!!  You give me reason to try harder!!

I love life, it’s a huge, sometimes fucked up journey, but god damn it’s fun!!