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Ring Ring…

ring, ring.  My phone, I’m at work in the middle of a section with inmates.  I hurry and check it.  It’s the kids and they are with C.  Ok, I must hurry outside to callback.  As I make my way through lockdown doors and sliders I’m filled with so much excitement.  You see, my kids will be leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks to go visit their dad in Florida.  He is flying in from Afghanistan and the kids have been so thrilled to see him that my nightly calls have been coming few and far between.  As I make my exit out the last secure door (FINALLY) I have a signal and my policy no longer dictates my brain.

As I approach the “safe zone” my phone chirps and infoms me one of my munchkins has left me a message.  To call back or to listen, that is my question.  I have to listen, their voices on my voicemail are always so cute.

This is the message:

Chey: Mom, why aren’t you answewing?  I have to call and tell you that I need meds.  You know, for my asmth…Wyatt stop.  Anyways….Mom…..oh yeah, message.  So my stuff for my asthm…my as….*sigh of frustratin* My breathing stuff, I need that for Fwowida.  I miss you, I love you….Wyatt stop I’m talking to mom….I mean leaving a message.  Ok, call me back.

As I’m listening I get the wonderful sound of a beep telling me she is on the other line waiting for me to pick up.

Chey:  Hi momma

Me:  Hi speck a lecka, what you doin?

Chey:  Did you get my message?

Me:  I am listening to it right when you called.

Chey:  Yeah C told me to call you and tell you that I need my meds.  Wanna know what I did today (no break in the action for this girl.)

Me:  I’d love to hear, what did you do?

Chey:  went to the barn and now gonna watch a movie.  Mom did you know I’m not afraid of nuffin? 

Me:  Yes I did know this.  Was the barn fun

Chey:  Well except aliens and ghosts

Me:  Well, not all ghosts are mean

Chey:  (interrupting) How do you know?  Have you met a ghost…..Wyatt, mom has met a ghost.

Me:  Chey I didn’t say that

Chey: Oh….Wyatt mom was telling stories!!

God I love her!!

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