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I’d like to introduce you to…

the new County negotiator. Got the call today….can you believe a girl like me (who was told consistantly when she was young she couldn’t be a cop) is the new negotiator??? YAY!!! I’m so excited. Next stop, Quantico Virginia for training with the FBI…..Holy shit!! I sat through that interview and felt as if I was saying the wrong things….maybe that’s how it feels when your dead on….weird!! Funny how when one thing goes right another has to go wrong. I was informed by my attorney today that I can not show M’s image, mention him or any such action on the internet or other medium…curious what there is to be ashamed of??? I have never put him at risk, and be the tactical diva I am, I would never subject him to harm….Just goes to show she really does hate R and I. Can’t help but feel bad for him….living in the bubble she provides him. All I can do is say “oh well” and move on I suppose.


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