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Hypocrisies …

I emerge from my bath, lobster red and toasty warm on a grey bleak Feb. afternoon.  The bath signifies getting ready, a shifting from inactive to motivated.  Yet it is just an illusion.  Images throughout my life have signified the redemptive qualities of a warm bath, especially to women.  “Calgan take me away” was a mantra of my youth and expressed the very notion that women needed an escape from the drudgery of motherhood and work.

Though my work now consists of reading, writing and thinking I still let dominant power structures invade my personal space/mind to inform me what is needed to sooth the nerves of a frazzled mid-term mind.  I suppose we all carry hypocrisies, but the question is to what extent to we allow ourselves to be blinded by them.  What excuses do we allow ourselves within the context of hypocrisy?  What ideologies encourage us to hide our hypocrisies from our own eyes?

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