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I didn’t raise a rock thrower. .

No really.  That is the theme of the day at our house.  One of the kids was playing and threw a rock at one of the other adults.  Rizzi LOST HER MIND, rightfully so I might add.  Funny thing is. . you know you remember those nasty little kids that used to throw rocks at your head.  We’ve all known one.  Mine was a little girl that had satan written all over her skinny ass.  I can remember day dreaming of taking her down like a gazelle on the Serengeti!!  I would imagine that Bruce Lee taught me secret moves and Pro Wrestlers were my best friends.  I’d sneak up, unsuspected like, and tackle/kung foo her to a high amount of pain.  Of course this never happened, as I was the skinniest kid in my neighborhood, but fortunately for me I have always had a mouth that could get me in and out of so many situations.

I promised myself when I was young that I wouldn’t allow my kids to throw rocks.  And guess what, we have the best kids in the world.  Though one of them threw a rock today I know, deep in my core, that I’m not raising rock throwers.  Each one of them is highly intelligent, have manners as if raised in the White House. . . err wait not sure that’s a good thing…. as if raised in your grandmother’s house, and have a true compassion for people.  I guess I look back at the skinny ass rock thrower in my childhood and feel bad for her.  Where were her parents when she was throwing rocks?  Where was their compassion and opportunity to help her understand?  Poor girl. . she just needed a parent to lose their mind on her so she’d know that they cared enough to teach her the proper manners.



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The birds and the bees. .

Gotta love the sex talk with kids.  Wyatt, Rizzi and I talked on his 8th birthday about sex and gave him the best book ever written for kids.  WIth this talk I explained that Wyatt could talk to me about anything, anytime!!  I guess it’s embarrassing to talk to your parents about sex. . but I have never felt that sex was a bad thing.  The other morning, while getting ready for work, Wyatt had asked to use the computer to play his division games.  What mom is going to refuse their child the opportunity to educate themselves. . not this mom!

After donning the all-powerful lip gloss and uniform I leave the bathroom, find Wyatt on the front room couch with the computer.  He hurries and slams it shut.  Now, I’m no detective but I think the signs lead to “son up to no good.”  I ask him what he was looking at and he says, “Saturn mom, it’s so interesting.”  Now I probably would have bought it, as my son is fascinated with space and dinosaurs, except that my sons eyes were as big as saucers.  I tell him that’s nice and pick up the computer.  I pull up the history and the gasp out of my son sounded like a death rattle.  He had typed in “doin it.”  OMG. . it took everything I had not to laugh. . how 9-year-old boy is that?  With a face refusing to show laughter I ask him if he knows why I’m disappointed in him.  He says, “cause I’m looking at naughty stuff?”  I sooo corrected him.  I explained that being curious about sex is not naughty, it’s perfectly health and normal but he lied to me.  That he didn’t just tell me what he was doing was upsetting to me.  I asked him to go to his room, as I didn’t want to talk while I was upset.

Upon further investigation he also typed in boobs.  Now I’m not blind and I’ve noticed, since Wyatt was 2, that he LOVES boobs.  Can’t say as though I blame him.  But he had pulled up a picture of a woman with Gargantuan, ginormous triple F’s.  WT…..F’s???

As I descended down the stairs I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be mad, condescending or judgemental.  I entered his room, greeting by a young boy with big alligator tears.  We hugged tightly, both in silence but with a mutual understanding of love and respect.  I sat him down and told him not be embarrassed.  I explained that EVERYONE has curiosity about sex and he was normal.  I explained that I just wanted him to know that he could talk to me about ANYTHING, to include the embarrassing topic of sex.  We talked for over a half hour, about everything and nothing.  It was the BEST moment I’ve ever had with him.  He held my hand, we laughed, cried and made each other feel better about the world.  I did take the time to explain the ultra fake “boobs” and how abnormal that is for a womans body.  I explained that it wasn’t about the body parts, but the love of someone, if even their boobs are smaller than his moms 🙂

I LOVE being a mom, it’s the most gratifying job I’ve ever had, even if I don’t do it right all the time, I know that they will be there to teach me as well.


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A long weekend. .

enjoying what is most important. . . the kids and Rizzi.  It was nice, we went to Park City and just lost ourselves in shopping, sugar, fatty foods and tubing.  I look at the kids, 11, 9, and 8 and just wish I could freeze time.  I already miss their 2 year old antics, but know that they are the best kids ever.  I mean, they came from me right???

If you haven’t taken the time to go to Gorgoza park, it’s definitely worth the money and time.  To hear your 8 year old little girl laughing like a crazy girl the whole way down the hill is worth any amount of money in the world.  And to see your sons eyes bigger than saucer plates for each hill is worth it as well.

And though the “other” to Rizzi is trying to take it all away again, it didn’t even matter.  All those problems and issues dissolved in our hot chocolate and warm chili fries.

Happy Valentines day my kick ass family.  You all hold a part of my heart that will never be earmarked for anyone but you!!

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