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To Wyatt


Often times I can’t find the perfect words to let you know how much I love you!  It seems impossible to write how proud I am of you and the life you are creating!

I watched you walk through the doors of school this morning and I couldn’t help but smile with pride.  You are a witty, handsome, intelligent young man.  Daily I am reminded how much I love you.  Each story you write, each game you explain, each silly commentary of life you make are reminders of how clever you really are.  Sometimes I feel like you are growing up too quickly, but watching you evolve into a man has been one of the greatest journey’s of my life.  When I hear you speak of mature subjects with an understanding of their concepts I’m in awe!  When I find you investigating the “truth” of information I am stunned by your fortitude to question everything.

I want you to know that you are so special to me.  As the years pass and you continue on your journey of self discovery I am amazed by you!  I want to hug you and never let you go!

But most of all Wyatt, I want you to know that I love you for YOU!  I hold no expectations of whom or what you should be.  I only expect that you stay true to yourself.  Never allow someone else’s idea of what you should be interfere with your journey of discovering yourself.  I truly mean it when I tell you; I will ALWAYS love you, no matter how your life turns out.

Isn’t it exciting to figure yourself out?  Isn’t it exciting that you have boarded the ship of life and you get to be the captain of that ship?

Of course I know you and I will weather rough waters on occasion, but Wyatt, those will be the moments that will help define our friendship.  Even the choppy seas teach us how to be better captains.  I will be right next to you, never abandoning ship.  I will ALWAYS be right next to you, loving you and being proud of who you are.





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Flag burning. .

that is the topic this week at work.  It happened innocently enough, a friend of mine made a comment on my FB account bitching about Orrin Hatch (because why wouldn’t you???) and he was talking about how ridiculous it was that he introduced a bill to make flag burning illegal.  A GREAT friend of mine saw this post and made it really clear that he didn’t support flag burning.  I hadn’t really thought about it before, honestly, but come to find out there isn’t a lot of grey on this issue.  Most people who have served in any branch of the military seem the most vocal about not burning the flag.

Well I took this subject and gave it to two people I know would have their own opinions without much tainting by others. . my kids.  Considering they are 8 and 9 and I allow them their opinions without judgment.  This is Wyatt’s summation:

“why would anyone burn the flag mom?  I mean, it’s a symbol of freedom.  Mom, if I saw someone burning the flag I would do everything in my power to stop them.”

Wow, what a solid kid in his feelings about the flag.  Funny, cause we don’t really talk about the flag, well beyond the fact that it resembles America.

Cheyenne’s summation:

“well, I think that we live in America so we should be able to burn the flag.  Burning the flag shouldn’t be illegal, that wouldn’t make it America.  And not only that, what if a transient was cold and all he had was a flag.  It would be ok for him to burn it and keep him warm.”

Alright Cheyenne!!  I love the logic!

I think they summed it up, not sure if my opinion would even matter at this point, I’m just proud that they both have a opinion with a rationale.  For kids that young I’m just proud that they have conviction and they will stick by it no matter what!

BTW. . I know I don’t have a huge following, but drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts about flag burning.  I believe that it should be legal, I’m gonna have to go with Chey on this one 🙂


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I didn’t raise a rock thrower. .

No really.  That is the theme of the day at our house.  One of the kids was playing and threw a rock at one of the other adults.  Rizzi LOST HER MIND, rightfully so I might add.  Funny thing is. . you know you remember those nasty little kids that used to throw rocks at your head.  We’ve all known one.  Mine was a little girl that had satan written all over her skinny ass.  I can remember day dreaming of taking her down like a gazelle on the Serengeti!!  I would imagine that Bruce Lee taught me secret moves and Pro Wrestlers were my best friends.  I’d sneak up, unsuspected like, and tackle/kung foo her to a high amount of pain.  Of course this never happened, as I was the skinniest kid in my neighborhood, but fortunately for me I have always had a mouth that could get me in and out of so many situations.

I promised myself when I was young that I wouldn’t allow my kids to throw rocks.  And guess what, we have the best kids in the world.  Though one of them threw a rock today I know, deep in my core, that I’m not raising rock throwers.  Each one of them is highly intelligent, have manners as if raised in the White House. . . err wait not sure that’s a good thing…. as if raised in your grandmother’s house, and have a true compassion for people.  I guess I look back at the skinny ass rock thrower in my childhood and feel bad for her.  Where were her parents when she was throwing rocks?  Where was their compassion and opportunity to help her understand?  Poor girl. . she just needed a parent to lose their mind on her so she’d know that they cared enough to teach her the proper manners.


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Whew. .

the Holidays are winding up and I’m kinda ready for it. . know what I mean.  I just gotta get the decorations all bundled up and put away nicely and I’ll be done.  YES!!  

I thought I would write today for dear friends.  Recently I have met new friends and have had the great fortune to spend time with old friends.  I just wanted all of those in my life to know that I have a huge heart for all of you!

Heather, who has been with me since I was 15, YOU ROCK lady!  I hope that the new year brings you the joy you deserve!  Mrs. JF, I love you!  I hope that the New Year brings you health (kick that cancer’s ass!!)  I know how strong you are, but know that I am the shoulder to keep you up when you need a break (cause we all know you never ask for help or ever stop!)

KLJ , you will never know how you inspire me on a daily basis!  Prior to meeting you I knew I was a strong, confident girl, but I never knew what I was capable of doing until I met you.  You give me reason to try harder, do more and become involved.  Your small ripple in my pond has turned into a wave ready to adapt and conquer!!

And Rizzi, what can I say other than Bues!!  You are my balance!  You truly are my “other half”, my bestest friend in the universe and words couldn’t even touch what and who you are to me!  Truly, Madly, Deeply, COMPLETELY in love with you!

To those that I haven’t met yet, it will be unforgettable, exciting and a friendship with depth, you won’t regret it. . Promise 🙂

To the lights of my universe. . my kids.  My heart swells just thinking of your faces!  You encompass me and give me reason to keep going when life gets tough.  You teach me more than I thought possible and I’d take class with you guys over anything else life has to offer.  You are the future and I believe that you will have an impact on this universe that will make the future brighter for all that surround you!  Even through the moments of frustration, we hug, kiss, laugh, and live life like will be taken away at any moment, there truly is no regret with how we live together!  Keep teaching me and I’ll keep listening and learning. . I LOVE YOU!!

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What mom wouldn’t be proud?

This is Wyatt receiving his award for Wildcat of the Month.  I think I cried way to much and he probably got sick of hearing “I’m so proud of you” but I really am.  This son of mine is smart, witty, funny and not bad to look at!  He won his award for best scores, making friends with all he meets, turning in his homework on time, and though not announce, I think it may have something to do with the fact that he makes his teacher a card every night telling her how wonderful she is.

I love ya Wyatt, I’m the proudest mom!  You are incredible and I know you truly are one of a kind!



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Ring Ring…

ring, ring.  My phone, I’m at work in the middle of a section with inmates.  I hurry and check it.  It’s the kids and they are with C.  Ok, I must hurry outside to callback.  As I make my way through lockdown doors and sliders I’m filled with so much excitement.  You see, my kids will be leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks to go visit their dad in Florida.  He is flying in from Afghanistan and the kids have been so thrilled to see him that my nightly calls have been coming few and far between.  As I make my exit out the last secure door (FINALLY) I have a signal and my policy no longer dictates my brain.

As I approach the “safe zone” my phone chirps and infoms me one of my munchkins has left me a message.  To call back or to listen, that is my question.  I have to listen, their voices on my voicemail are always so cute.

This is the message:

Chey: Mom, why aren’t you answewing?  I have to call and tell you that I need meds.  You know, for my asmth…Wyatt stop.  Anyways….Mom…..oh yeah, message.  So my stuff for my asthm…my as….*sigh of frustratin* My breathing stuff, I need that for Fwowida.  I miss you, I love you….Wyatt stop I’m talking to mom….I mean leaving a message.  Ok, call me back.

As I’m listening I get the wonderful sound of a beep telling me she is on the other line waiting for me to pick up.

Chey:  Hi momma

Me:  Hi speck a lecka, what you doin?

Chey:  Did you get my message?

Me:  I am listening to it right when you called.

Chey:  Yeah C told me to call you and tell you that I need my meds.  Wanna know what I did today (no break in the action for this girl.)

Me:  I’d love to hear, what did you do?

Chey:  went to the barn and now gonna watch a movie.  Mom did you know I’m not afraid of nuffin? 

Me:  Yes I did know this.  Was the barn fun

Chey:  Well except aliens and ghosts

Me:  Well, not all ghosts are mean

Chey:  (interrupting) How do you know?  Have you met a ghost…..Wyatt, mom has met a ghost.

Me:  Chey I didn’t say that

Chey: Oh….Wyatt mom was telling stories!!

God I love her!!

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