So the drama continues. .

Got the kids from K yesterday night (Andy’s wife).  She is sick, puking and all that fun stuff.  I took today off work so that  I could watch the kids.  Once the kids were safely in the car they began to tell me that K had them “lie” yesterday to get on the FrontR**er.  Turns out that if your under 5 you can ride for free, so K, with her infinite wisdom of parenting, told my kids to lie about their age.  Now, quick side note, Cheyenne has been lying about small things, so we have been re enforcing with positive praise when she is honest, and following up on her tall tales.  Now K is fully aware of the problems Cheyenne is having with honesty.  This latest incident only tops off the fact that three weeks ago she allowed my children to “take” (steal) some scooters from a bus stop in Farmington.  When I confronted her on allowing my kids to take property that isn’t theirs, she reassured me that she had filed a police report and that the PD said she could keep the scooters until the owners were found.  Well being who I am, I immediately called the FPD and wanted to ensure a report was actually made.  NOPE, the dispatcher assured me that no report had been filed, but asked that  I call the next day to be sure.  I called the next day and the dispatcher told me that, surprise surprise, a K Fresh had called a short time after my call and filed a report and stated that she (K) would be turning in the scooters that night.  And surprise surprise, she never took them in.  As I talked with Cheyenne on Friday, she mentioned she was riding “her” scooter.  I explained to Cheyenne that it wasn’t hers, that someone was probably missing their scooter.  She doesn’t get it, and why should she?  I mean another “parent” has condoned her behavior of taking what isn’t hers.

So my plan.  To confront K once again about her teaching my children to lie and steal.  I want her to explain to me why she thinks it best that I continue to allow her to care for them.  And I know, going in to this, that Andy will be calling me with hate and threats of taking my kids from me.  The only difference this time is that I’m SOLID in the fact that he can’t do that. . kinda hard with him in Afghanistan.  And even when he returns, what court is going to say that I’m wrong in teaching my children what is wrong and right?  The only thing he has is me being a lesbian, but hey, I’m bio mom and according to Utah Courts, that’s what matters right?

If anyone has input or advice PLEASE leave me a comment, I could use the help/pep talk.


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